Award winning food from Sharland's

We started our business long before food awards were thought of.

Our first awards came in 1991 at the National Sausage Competition. Since then we have consistently produced and supplied premium quality pies, sausages, home cooked meats and poultry week in and week out. We're proud that all our hard work and dedication is recognised though. Have a look at some of our most recent accolades below...

British Sausage Week 'Stand-up for British Sausage Competition' 2012
Sharland's Yorkshire Tyke Pork Sausage - Finalist

Again selected for the regional final this year, proving the high standard of quality is consistent year upon year. From an original entry of 230 we again made the final eight. At least Nige has another celebrity photo to add to his growing collection, this time with 'The Pub Landlord', Al Murray.

British Pork Executive 2012-2013
Sharland's Dry Cured Gammon – Gold Award
Scoring 97/100 our home cured gammon came out tops for 'appearance', 'texture/moisture', 'shape', 'salt level' & 'taste/flavour'. This really is a fine quality product, carefully handled throughout the curing process by our own team of experts. A gold award was justly gleaned again this year.

British Pork Executive 2012-2013
Sharland's Tradition Pork Pie – Gold Award
Receiving top marks for 'pastry taste & texture', 'baking & glaze' & 'texture & filling' these hand made beauties are baked fresh daily. Made using only the very best ingredients, local Yorkshire pork & with over forty years of special care & attention another golden accolade was gratefully received from the expert judges of the British Pork Executive 2012.

British Pork Executive 2012-2013
Sharland's Chorizo with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Sausage - Gold Award
Again attaining full marks for 'appearance', 'texture', 'taste & smell' this hot little number was originally created by request for one of our catering clients who own & manage a hostelry in the Holme Valley. As it has proved such a great success on their menu we decided to enter our special creation in this year's BPEX Award Contest.

British Pork Executive 2012-2013
Sharland's Yorkshire 'Tyke' Pork Sausage – Gold Award
Scoring ten out of ten for 'appearance', 'texture', 'taste & smell' this mainstay & ever popular quality sausage rose to the top of the honours board once again. Created with locally produced pork & proud to represent Yorkshire.

British Sausage Week 'Legendary Sausage Competition' 2011
Sharland's Yorkshire Tyke Pork Sausage – Gold Award
Our most popular seller in both Paddock & Holmfirth stores this versatile, quality sausage is ideal for breakfast, dinner & quick meals alike. Consistently earning merit & endorsed once again in 2011, this year by the experts at 'The Sausage Appreciation Society' with another Gold Award.

British Pork Executive 2010-2011
Sharland's Traditional Small Pork Pie – Gold Award
This years British Pork Executive regional roadshow was held at the Reebok stadium, home to premiership football club Bolton Wanderers, where our pork pie finished top of the league scoring 10/10 for pastry taste (we use Italian lard – the best in the world to make ours) and overall taste.

British Pork Executive 2010-2011
Sharland's Stand Pork Pie – Gold Award
To win a coveted Gold Award in such a competitive category really was the icing on the cake for us and further proof that all the hard work and passion that goes in to making such great tasting pies is recognised not only by our customers. Who’d have thought a pie handcrafted in Yorkshire would have been such a big hit in Lancashire!

British Pork Executive 2010-2011
Sharland's Dry Cured Gammon – Gold Award
Said to have ‘lovely flavour’, our Dry Cured Gammon (sourced locally in Thirsk) was another hit with the judges and awarded a prestigious Gold. We didn’t just make this for competition purposes though – you can buy the very same award winning dry cured gammon everyday in our Paddock and Holmfirth shops!

British Pork Executive 2010-2011
Sharland's Black Pudding – Gold Award
Our Black Pudding was gold at the recent British Pork Executive regional awards – a Gold winner that is! Using only the very best oats and barley this delicious recipe saw Sharland’s crowned winners amongst strong competition

British Pork Executive 2010-2011
Sharland's Yorkshire Tyke Sausage – Gold Award
We were delighted when our traditional pork sausage was given 10/10 for taste and presented with a Gold award. Our pork is specially selected locally and has been for over 40 years. Another award winning recipe from Sharland’s!

British Sausage Week 'Star Sausage Competition' 2010
Sharland's Lean Pork, Chive and Stilton Sausage – Regional Finalist
Having decided to enter the British Sausage Week ‘Britain’s Star Sausage Competition’ with our delicious Lean Pork with Chives and Stilton sausage we were delighted to be selected as a regional finalist (from over 200 entries) and then reach the final seven – quite an achievement. The highlight for Nigel though was having his photograph taken with celebrity judge Craig Revell Horwood of Strictly Come Dancing fame!